is chris brown and rihanna dating now - Updating a dataset

If I simply add a new column to my data model, is that what i really have to do to see the changes?

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In order to avoid popup windows with authentication in the Azure Function I had to modify the script and hardcode the username and password in my script.

The bold lines are added and the $auth Result is modified as well.

I am trying to get this to work in a simple example.

First I look up a User and get their data displayed in a form in my Website, this works fine, then I try to change the data displayed in the form and hope that the Data Set gets changed, then I call the method Update DB() in my Web Service. Update(my Data Set, table Name); You can also refer this link for more details:

The reason I check whether the referencing page exists is so that the add subbrand form can also be used as a normal page outside of the form that calls it as a popup.

refresh Subbrands is the function I created to reload the subbrands select.

Last week I posted a method of using multi-related selects with Spry and Cold Fusion.

In my example I updated a subbrands dataset when a brand select was updated.

The only thing left to do from here is to get the popup to execute the function.

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