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After dinner we listened to another song performed in the classroom.

Miëtte sang, Thijn played the guitar, Philippe played drums and Delano, too. The other exchange students sang some songs, we were having fun and a little party together.

The truth is that I don't travel the world as often as I wanted to, but I am lucky to have been to more than 4 countries, because of studies, mostly. Every person who wants to travel the world while young, needs three main things: Desire you might have on the high-end, but if you don't have money or time, you're in for a hard ride.

We often see a lot of sites of people living the good life, in luxurious hotels and jacuzzies by the sea, and they promise to share their secrets with you if you only subscribe. Many people have made a living on it, but that is not my case. When I was left homeless, jobless and heartbroken at the same time, I made a choice: I was going to try to go out-of-office for a while.

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At pm we went back to school and got a delicious american-style dinner.

An american-style dinner ist that everyone brings some food for 3-4 persons.

In the end, Miëtte and a friend of her sang a song again and then we could go home.


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