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I know it sounds corny, but I'm starting really to think about my life in terms of ' What are they going to say about me?

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While Harvey's role as the Kings of Comedy's M. remains the most iconic performance of his career, the comedian used the fame that came from the movie as the foundation upon which to build a virtual one-man multimedia empire.

magazine's national Syndicated Personality/Show of the Year award in 2007.

Steve Harvey is also the proud head of a charitable organization, The Steve Harvey Foundation, which offers mentoring programs to young men.

Harvey explains his current focus on family and charity: "I'm 53, I'm thinking about the responsibility of being a father, and my listeners, and I've just gotten to a place where it's got to be more than jokes.

One of the few programs to gain any traction at all on the WB before the emergence of Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Steve Harvey Show gained a devoted following among a mostly African-American audience and stayed on the air until 2002.

The show also proved notable for launching a productive professional partnership between Harvey and a younger comic named Cedric the Entertainer, who played Harvey's best friend on the show and would later join him on a groundbreaking national standup tour.

"I've been an everyday person for 38 years." He enjoys appearing on screen alongside ordinary folks, saying he loves "watching regular people become stars for a day."In November 2016, Harvey announced that he would end his Chicago-based talk show in May 2017 after five years on the air, and launch a new show from Los Angeles in September.

A born-again Christian, Steve Harvey has been married three times.

Even while transforming himself into a major radio personality, Harvey continued to pursue work in standup and acting as well. Finally, and perhaps most unexpectedly, in 2009 Harvey became a bestselling author of relationship advice books.

Growing out of a segment on his radio show in which he served up hilariously blunt advice to women callers frustrated in their relationships with men, Harvey's books seem to be based on the general principle that men are dogs and women need to treat them accordingly.

Not only does he get to flash his quick wit and try out new material on a nationwide audience, but he also gets to work with everyday people.

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