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Rules on dress The biggest misconception about the UAE is the belief that women need to cover themselves in a headdress or long veil at all times.

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Public displays of affection such as kissing or hugging are frowned upon and in some suburban towns, locals consider it suspicious if a woman is in the company of an unrelated male who is also not her husband.

Going out Single women and groups of women are welcome to socialize everywhere.

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There are now many events held in Iraq designed at helping singles connect with each other.Dubai City is the most relaxed about dress and it is considered acceptable to wear shorts and tank tops around the city, and swimwear revealing the arms and legs on the beach or at a communal pool.You will be expected to dress modestly in the classroom and in public.Although these rules are hardly enforced, they should be adhered to out of cultural respect.Dressing inappropriately is also likely to attract negative attention.Rules on relationships The UAE is a family-orientated country where husbands and wives are actively encouraged to enjoy each others’ company and spend time with their children.

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