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A future significance in chronologically cataloging a product produced by Ludwig wasn't foreseen.Luckily, there have been devotees that have developed a refined system to dating and cataloging drums produced by Ludwig.All shell interiors were now done as a clear coat, exposing the grain of the wood.

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In fact, it wasn’t until 1964 that Ludwig started to put serial numbers on their products.

That leaves 4 years of 60’s era drums that can’t be dated using a serial number guide.

The 1970’s are referred to as the era of the Blue/Olive badge.

Ludwig badges are simple characteristic indicating which era a Ludwig drum could be placed.

The boom in production, along with new government regulations, prompted Ludwig to begin issuing serial numbers on badges of their drums.

The new regulation would later make it easier to date and catalog Ludwig drums, but it came with a price of extensive time and effort.Date stamps are the most accurate indicator to when the drum was formed, however not completed.Unfortunately, more often times, the number does not exist or has worn away.Whereas most of the shells after about ’73 received a granitone coated interior.But by 1976, their method of construction for drums had changed drastically. Shells now consisted of 6-ply maple/poplar mix without reinforcement rings.In 1979, Ludwig introduced modular bracket and the redesigned blue/olive badge with all four corners rounded.

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