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Also historic Arabizing of the middle east Iraqi statesman Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz (1913-72) argued that Arab nationalism and Islam were in perfect harmony because Islam is the national religion of the Arabs, Al-Bazzaz maintained that the dualism (spiritual vs.

temporal) of Western Christendom is unknown to true Islam. 77) During the years 1948-1967, pan-Arab ideologies were the rage of the Muslim world, leading proponent of conservative pan-Arabism, al-Bazzaz, likened the position of the Arabs in Islam to that of the Russians in world communism.

Indeed, at that time, a book came out "the new land of Islam," the book praised Shakib Arslan for envisioning fascist Italy's victory and for prescribing, in time, for the correct Arab attitude, and also hailed General Graziani the henchman of anti Mussolini ' Umar al-Mukhtar in 1931 for being the true friend of Arabism.

A skilled historian, he combined the negative messages of radical Islam with the modern message of fascist propaganda.

Most of Arslan's work was published primarily in Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian papers; nevertheless, he had his share in the Egyptian press and was widely read in Egypt.

At times Pan-Arabism has tended to be secular and socialist, but often it embeds within it Islamic tradition and culture or Islamism.

it has strongly opposed colonialism and Western political involvement in the Arab world.

He hoped that such an uprising would enhance pan-Arabism, especially his brand, namely Arabism with a strong element of Islamic identity and solidarity.

In the dozens of articles published in 1935, Arslan depicted Ethiopia as an enemy of Islam, an oppressor of its own Muslims, an enemy of Arab language and culture.

Karsh quotes Nuri Said, longtime prime minister of Iraq and a prominent early champion of pan-Arabism: "Although Arabs are naturally attached to their native land, their nationalism is not confined by boundaries.

It is an aspiration to restore the great tolerant civilization of the early caliphate." Islam is a millenarian faith in which politics and religion are inextricably bound together.

Pan-Arabism is a form of nationalism and cultural nationalism.

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