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Handbooks, guides, and charts, along with the invention of more sophisticated and practical nautical instruments, professional-ized what had been largely an intuitive craft.

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Stephenson, "The Henry Harrisse Collection of Publications, Papers, and Maps Pertaining to the Early Exploration of America," published in Detail from computer-generated version of Pierre Charles L' Enfant's original plan for the capital of the United States, enhanced to show Thomas Jefferson's handwritten editorial changes. George Washington, this plan still guides the planning of the central core of Washington, D. An architect and military engineer, the French born L' Enfant joined the Continental Army and spent the winter of 1777 to 1778 at Valley Forge, where he first met Washington.

L' Enfant's plan was transferred to the Library of Congress by the U. Army Corps of Engineers in 1918 and has recently been restored by the Library's Conservation Office and sealed in a case filled with argon gas.

His Imperial Majesty was reunited with the map when he viewed it during a visit to the Library of Congress on May 28, 1954, and recalled its presentation to Dr. number of individual rare maps and collections are noteworthy for their association with presidents of the United States, several of whom began their careers as surveyors or displayed some skill as cartographers, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Millard Fillmore.

The collections of two twentieth-century presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, reflect the expanding role of the presidency on the international scene.

Pierre Charles L' Enfant's original plan for the capital of the United States was compiled under the direction of Washington and extensively annotated by Jefferson.

Submitted to President Washington on August 26, 1791, this event was commemorated by the Library two centuries later, on August 26, 1992, with the publication of a full-color facsimile reproduction and a newly created computer-generated (digitized) version of the plan. Stephenson is available under the title The geographic coverage of the division's special collections is worldwide but its primary focus is North and South America, with the strongest holdings in the general subjects of discovery and exploration, settlement, and military campaigns.

His "nocturnal," or compendium, was used for telling time at night and had several other navigational functions.

This large manuscript map of the Kingdom of Ethiopia once hung in the palace of His Royal Highness Ras Tafari, later known as Emperor Haile Selassie I. Shantz, who received it personally from Ras Tafari along with "some spears, shields, and coins" while on an official U. mission to map African vegetation, it was prepared by the court geographer in Addis Ababa "by order of the Regent" in 1923.

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