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There has been a remarkably low-key response by the medical community to the passing of Dr Hilary Koprowski.

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He will be sorely missed by the many who knew him and worked with him over the past 70 years.

There will be a gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 502 Church Rear Street, Galveston, TX on January 29 at a.m.

According to my sources, everyone who knew or admired Tom would be welcome to attend." Some weeks ago I heard disturbing rumours of new activity on Wikipedia regarding my work and that of Brian Martin.

I asked Robert Dildine, who has previously done excellent work in this and similar areas, to investigate, and he has produced the following piece, which I commend to our readership. 16th May, 2016 Dear Readers, Many thanks to all those who continue to write in to this web-site with their support and encouragement, and sometimes with fresh information as well. It's immensely reassuring that I can only recall one or two unsympathetic messages among the thousands received since we started this site 11 years ago.

Welcome to the new AIDS Origins site: July 4th, 2013.

Because it is still relevant, I have put a link at the end of this post to my original "Welcome to AIDS Origins" message from 2006, written a couple of years after the site first went live.

The paper uses the "Origin of AIDS debate" as its central case-study.[A recent communication from one of the co-authors of the Faria paper has provided new information, which requires an updated response from myself.

Surprisingly, this information reveals even more evidence in favour of the OPV theory.

Koprowski lived in a well-to-do suburb on the outskirts of Philadelphia for most of his final 56 years, so this is effectively his home-town newspaper.

It has just been announced that Dr Hilary Koprowski died on Thursday April 11th, at the age of 96.

A paper entitled "A Strange Case of Certainty", written by Robert Dildine, an American analyst with a background in economics and law, has recently been posted on Brian Martin's excellent Suppression of Dissent website.


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